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LINC1 – the new Linz Design College

HTL1 Construction and Design brings together its three adult education programmes under one roof: LINC1 is aimed at anyone who wants to put their wish of designing into practice in their profession, too. These studies not only hone conceptual, artistic skills, they also teach the practice-oriented use of theoretical and technical knowledge.

Graphic and communication design

communication design

Capture your visions in images and work in a practice-oriented environment at the same time. Take the exciting journey from the idea to the visual realisation. Learn about design, psychological and philosophical aspects as an indispensable basis for a forward-thinking field of work. The course for graphic and communication design opens up a multitude of perspectives in modern media professions. It covers creative concepts, the design and production of communicative media such as graphic design, video, illustration and photography, plus how they interact. (Duration: 4 semesters)

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Interior design and 3D design

Interior design
3D design

This course links planning and creativity. Design and technical contents such as the creation of draft drawings, design principles, furniture manufacture, 3D presentation on computers, model making, exhibition design, presentation techniques (sketching, CAD planning) are rounded off with commercial aspects. The graduates’ field of activity covers interior design, furniture, trade fair booth construction and exhibition design. (Duration: 4 semesters)

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Construction engineering and energy

Construction engineering

Meet the challenges of our time, use planning and technical skills and spatial sense: the broad spectrum of the subject of construction engineering opens up interesting perspectives. The focus on innovative, sustainable technologies enables you to design and plan new buildings and refurbish private and public buildings. Comprehensive competencies in a demanding field of activity for a secure professional future. (Duration: 6 terms)

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